Q: Where are you based? Are you open to travel for my wedding?

We are based in Ahmedabad, India. We shoot weddings all over the world, and are happy to travel to your wedding – wherever it may be!


Q: How many weddings do you typically shoot in a month/year? Do you take multiple assignments at a time?

We take up very limited weddings every year, and only shoot one wedding at a time. We like to focus 100% of our attention on one wedding, in order to give you the very best we can. Also it will give us enough time to be able to edit and develop your pictures


Q: Do you charge extra for outstation assignments?

The short answer is no, we do not! Our core assignment fees will remain the same – and will only cover the number of days we will actually be shooting. As a photographer, we realise that we need to be available to shoot where and when needed and recognise that there will be non-billable days in travel. That’s all right, but out-of-station assignments will have an extra travel and lodging charge associated.


Q: Who will actually shoot my wedding?

We take up only one wedding at a time to ensure our full attention on you. Chandrakant and Sugra will always lead the team and be at your wedding. In addition to them, our team of wedding professionals includes seasoned second shooters, cinematographers, and assistants


Q: Do you offer wedding video or cinematography services? I'd like a wedding video

Absolutely! Wedding cinema has evolved a lot over the last few years. We will develop a beautiful thematic documentary style wedding video which will perfectly complement your wedding album. Typical deliverables include a wedding teaser (1-3 mins), and a Highlights Video 6-10 minute wedding movie — all in brilliant high definition video.


Q: Do you shoot both “sides” of a wedding?

Yes, we absolutely do! As a matter of fact, we highly recommend hiring just us to shoot both the groom’s and the bride’s family. It’s an absolute waste of resources to have two separate teams to essentially the same thing. We have enough resources to be able to cover your entire wedding from start to finish.


Q: I want to make sure my family members and closest friends are not missed in the photos/film. Can that happen?

 Yes, definitely! We will work very closely with you to identify what we call the “inner circle” of people. Before the wedding, we ask the couple to submit a list of names with photos, which is later distributed to the team. We will make every effort to ensure that these people aren’t missed out.


Q: Do you edit the photos? How much editing is involved?

 Yes, all images provided to you will be edited to match the vision we had for each photo. Our editing style is a light touch – and mostly involves using a colour palette that we love. To get a general idea of our editing style, please go through our portfolio on this website.


Q: My wedding spans three days, of which the first and second day don’t involve full day work. Why are you charging me for three full days?

This is a standard question, and it’s a valid one. There are two parts here:

-The first is that we will be booking our full day to be available for you, and therefore lose out on other potential assignments we could have shot that day.

-The second, and more important one is that in our experience during Indian weddings, things average out. Your wedding day may (and most probably will) involve shooting overtime, as Indian weddings aren’t known to get over without a song and a dance! We won’t be charging you for working extra if your wedding needs it, so at the end of the day, things really do average out.


Q: What are your wedding photography assignment times? How many hours a day will you shoot?

We do not believe in setting a limit on the number of hours we will be available to you during a wedding. Indian weddings don’t run as per a schedule (though there always is one!) and things do tend to go over-schedule at times. When this happens, it would be outright blackmail for the photographer to threaten to pack up unless paid extra. Rest assured, this won’t happen – and we will be available for you as long as needed. We usually charge by the day – with the assumption being that a regular day runs into 10-12 hours. We do charge extra, however, if your ceremonies are scheduled very late into the night (like 4 am pheras) which are treated as the next day.


Q: Will you provide me with a full dump of all the photos taken from my wedding? I don’t mind if they aren’t processed, I just want to see the full dump of pictures taken during my wedding days.

The short answer is, no. Here’s the long answer

Many pictures taken are straight away rejects – bad expressions, people in the frame, technical problems… and so on. This is an integral part of candid wedding photography – and wouldn’t happen if each shot taken was “posed”. These pictures are useless to everyone, and are a waste of resources to shortlist and deliver to you (on average, a single wedding takes up around 20-30 GB of storage space).

We work really hard at weaving a story into what we do – and the final work is selected based on the vision and concept we were trying to work towards while shooting a part of your wedding.

Trust: We have no reason to sit on good photographs –if there’s a good picture in there, and even if we have to deliver MORE than what we promised, we have absolutely no reason to kill a good picture! 🙂 At the end, you have to trust your photographer to deliver fantastic wedding memories to you.


Q: How long will it take for you to deliver our wedding photos? How long will the album take?

We typically deliver the final set of individually developed images from your wedding between 8-10 weeks after your wedding dates. We usually present the album options to you at this time, and upon final payment, the album will take another 2 weeks to reach your doorstep.


Q: What if I want some changes to be made to my wedding trailer/film?

We usually allow two rounds of changes to the wedding trailer and film. We completely understand that there is always room for changes and edits, and want to ensure that you’re absolutely happy with what you get – after all, it’s your wedding! We urge you to tell us all the changes in one go so that we can incorporate them in the first go – and leave the second round for any minor changes as needed.


Q: What camera do you use for wedding photography? Or, what equipment do you use?

 In short, we use whatever it takes to get you stunning photos. We have a long list of equipment we shoot weddings with, and this includes full-frame cameras, fast lenses, all forms of off-camera lighting, remote lighting equipment, props, stands, tripods, monopods…all of which is updated and changed constantly. In case you’re interested in having a conversation on equipment, or debating the pros and cons between Nikon and Canon, feel free to leave a comment at the end of this page!


Q: Will you be using the final wedding photos in your portfolio and on your social media channels? What if we do not want that?

 We may! If your wedding results in terrific wedding photos (and we are sure it will!), we would love to share those pictures on our personal portfolio website and social channels as examples of great work we’ve done, so that other couples may also be inspired by your wedding. Should you specifically NOT want us to disclose your wedding photos on our personal channels, let us know beforehand. There is no official policy on how to approach these situations, and there may be a middle ground we can work out.


Q: Are your wedding packages negotiable? I can’t afford what you charge!

We truly understand how expensive it is to get married. There are a million things you need to pay for, and some of them are more challenging than others. However, premium wedding photography also comes at a price – and we can’t even begin to start justifying the effort it takes to deliver quality photos like the ones you see on this website. Either way, please do get in touch with us – we may be more affordable than you think!

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